BrandEcho is a communication agency on the Nordic market, specialized in brand experiences including shopper marketing. We create brand building- and tactical marketing solutions based on target groups needs, motivations and daily behavior. The emphasis of our work lies within action/retail- and event marketing, digital activations as well as strategic sponsoring/alliances, but we handle all types of cross marketing-campaigns in all channels bought, earned and owned.

One of our two business areas is strategy/creativity/concept development on basis of well defined communications challenges, and the other is planning/management/implementation/evaluation of projects. Most of all, we love to create brand experiences which bring meaning and added value to both brand and user. We will be pleased to help you with any need or request you might have; consultancy within experiential  campaigns on annual basis or stand-alone activities during a limited time only. Just let us know what we can do for you.


BrandEcho was founded early 2010, with a vision to become the leading brand experience agency on the Nordic market. When you work with us, this is what you will hear us say.

BE Tranan


As we see it, receivers no longer exist. Our solutions come from a true understanding and highest respect for individual backgrounds, behaviours, passions and needs. The great brands of today and tomorrow doesn’t expect fixed target groups to be a part of their brand stories –

Instead they are determined to participate in the daily lives of their users/followers/fans. Filling needs and adding value on personal level. Not for the benefit of the brand itself, but in order to establish and nurture relationships with potential to develop and grow over time.


As the media consumption habits are changing rapidly, it’s impossible to rely on old methods in order to reach, engage and inspire consumers. If we want to make a difference when we communicate, we have to stand out without interrupting and give people something to talk about without buying the entire presence.

Experiential marketing is about creating experiences in real life and on-line, earning engagement in order to reach those measurable objectives and returning value on your marketing investments.


It’s not about tactical or brand building activations in fixed campaign periods only. Your brand is experienced every minute of every day, in all channels and contacts. Our mission is to make that experience as true and effective as possible based on your company values and needs.

We will help you create, plan, produce and evaluate solutions for your brand whether it’s in store, on the road, at seminars or online. Brand experiences carries the potential of echoing in more channels than one for a longer period of time. Limitless opportunities if you ask us!