BrandEcho is a communication agency on the Nordic market, specialized in brand experiences including shopper marketing. We create brand building- and tactical marketing solutions based on target groups needs, motivations and daily behavior. The emphasis of our work lies within action/retail- and event marketing, digital activations as well as strategic sponsoring/alliances, but we handle all types of cross marketing-campaigns in all channels bought, earned and owned.

One of our two business areas is strategy/creativity/concept development on basis of well defined communications challenges, and the other is planning/management/implementation/evaluation of projects. Most of all, we love to create brand experiences which brings meaning and added value to both brand and user. We will be pleased to help you with any need or request you might have; consultancy within experiential  campaigns on annual basis or stand-alone activities during a limited time only. Just let us know what we can do for you.



Skittles: Launch The Rainbow


Playstation: This is for the players

PH start

Philips: Limitless Experiences


Knorr: Launch of new dinner creations

GB start

GB: Vår Finaste GB Gräddglass


Flora: Flora med Smör


ännu ny


Vi förstärker nu vårt team med projektledaren Sofie Lindholm, som tidigare kommer från IBMs marknad- och kommunikationsavdelning.
  • BrandEcho
  • Mar 10, 2017
Under 2016 gick Skittles in som partner i Color Run med fokus på Stockholm och Lund.
  • BrandEcho
  • Oct 11, 2016
BrandEcho has once again strengthened its team. This time with graphic designer Andreas Häggqvist and project manager Alexandra Schytt.
  • BrandEcho
  • Sep 05, 2016


If you would like to work with us, become a member of our team or if there is anything else we can help you with, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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